July 10, 2018

Why Sponsor Us?

Ultimate reason to sponsor and exhibit with OGFest’18:

Be amongst the pioneers to grab this precious opportunity to be one of the patrons of OGFest’18 and attain a unique opportunity to promote your company to future industry professionals both locally & internationally.

  1. Achieve recognition and visibility for your organization in different industries.
  2. Attain long-term returns in terms of talents & resources on your investments.
  3. Put a spotlight on your engineering capabilities as competitive asset.
  4. Develop sustainable corporate & public relationships especially with potential Johor Oil and Gas Industry Hubs for future projects.
  5. Boost your brand consciousness and strengthen is recognition in Malaysia primarily and oversea generally.
  6. demonstrate organizational support to Society of Petroleum Engineers and other participating organizations from various field of study.
  7. Demonstrate your company genuine commitment towards unconventional era.
  8. Exhibit your company’s state -of-the-art new technologies.
  9. Recruit fresh graduate and interns for the next coming session.(You may have resume drop-in and interview corner in your company’s exhibition booth).

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