September 27, 2018


Introducing Our Gold Sponsor!!

Repsol corporate headquarters are located in Madrid, Spain and North American regional office is based in Calgary. Repsol operate in over 37 countries , distributing and selling their products across 90 countries with a diverse and multidisciplinary team comprising over 25,000 people of 84 nationalities worldwide.

Repsol is one of the top companies in the oil and gas industry. Repsol present across the entire value chain: exploration and production, refining, new energy research and  transformation, development, and marketing of energy that is efficient, sustainable, and competitive for millions of people.

 With over 80 years of experience, Repsol has been present in the entire oil and gas value chain in a sustainable and competitive way. As a result, Forbes positioned Repsol 14th in the ranking of “The 25 largest oil and gas specialized companies” in 2017.