July 9, 2018

Power Plant Design


General Description

  • Power Plant Design Competition in OGFest’18 is a competition which challenge the delegates to develop a plant design that is efficient, economical, safe and environmental friendly based on the theme. This provides a platform for the delegates to showcase their ability in creating a feasible plant and presenting the process flow. Delegates can develop their engineering sense of team work, planning projects, and work responsibility through the plant design project.


  • Efficient Energy Generation for Sustainable Growth.

Team Formation

  • Each team is consisted of four (4) to five (5) members, with one being the team leader.

Rules and Regulations

  • The title used for blueprint and poster must be the same and has to be related to the main theme.
  • Blueprint and poster should be submitted prior to the stated deadlines in the Important Deadlines Section.
  • The OGFest’18 committees will not prepare any form of apparatus or materials required to build the model and all delegates are free to use any apparatus to build the model.
  • Each team is required to bear their own cost of delivering the completed power plant or components from their home country to the event venue.
  • The use of electric circuits and batteries are allowed in the plant design model.

Competition Format:

  • The competition is divided into two stages:

a)Blueprint Submission

Every team should submit a blueprint that is based on the Blueprint Submittal Instructions Format below along with the registration form. Only the best ten (10) teams will be announced and informed through email to proceed to the next stage.

Blueprint Submittal Instructions: 

  • In PDF format.
  • Blueprint must consist of a minimum of 1000 words of text, excluding the diagrams and supporting illustrations needed to clarify the subject matter. The paper must not exceed 7000 words which includes text and diagrams, with each diagram/illustration is considered to be equivalent of 250 words.
  • The paper must have a front page consisting of the Power Plant Name, Team Members and University Names.
  • Use Times New Roman, 12, spacing: 1.5, A4 (Left :3 cm, Right, Bottom, Up: 2 cm)
  •  The content of Power Plant blueprint should mention the following criteria and not restricted to only:
  1. Main Dimension
  2. Drawing of Power Plant
  3. Innovative Features
  4. Economic Analysis of Power Plant
  5. Process Flow of the Power Plant
  6. Capacity of Production (product/year)
  7. Risk Assessment
  • The completed blueprint should be submitted to the email xx with the subject of your email:
    OGFest18_PPBlueprint_Author’s Name_Name of University


  • All teams are required to bring their completed power plant model to present on the second day of the event.
  • Each team are required to prepare a poster based on the Poster Submittal Instructions below beforehand and present along with the power plant model. PowerPoint Slides are not required for this competition.
  • Each team is required to present their model with poster with a maximum of fifteen (15) minutes of presentation, followed by assessment of questions from the judges for five (5) minutes.
  • There will be a time keeper assigned to keep track of the time which will start once the contestant is ready. When the bell rings once, it signifies that only five (5) minutes remain for the presentation. Twice to signify the presentation has ended.
  • Marks will be deducted if the presentation exceeds the time allocated.

Poster Submittal Instructions:

  • In JPEG format.
  • In A0 format.
  • Poster may include any graphics form of power plant.
  • Type of font and font size used must be readable by judges.
  • Poster must include the process flow of the power plant and other details of the power plant that are deemed important for judges.
  • The process flow can be presented in any form such as process form, cycle form and etc.
  • The completed poster should be submitted with the subject of your email:
    OGFest18_PPPoster_Author’s Name_Name of University

Judging Criteria

  1. Creativity and Innovations
  2. Significant and Details of the Model Design
  3. Innovative Features
  4. Presentation Skill
  5. Poster Design

Important Deadlines

Submission of Blueprint and Registration Form : 15th September 2018

Announcement of Finalists : 22nd September 2018

Submission of Poster : 1st October 2018

Email of Submission : delegates@ogfestutm.com

Contact Person:

Fatihah Adlin bt Mohd Rashid
Chief Executive of Power Plant Design Competition OGFest’18