July 9, 2018

Oil Rig Design Competition sponsored by ConocoPhillips

General Description 

The Oil Rig Design Competition is a competition whereby delegates are challenged to build any model of an offshore oil rig platform. The competition      encourages delegates to apply their knowledge in current offshore technology also to put their creativity to a test in innovating a model with features to  overcome the challenges in oil and gas exploration. The models then will be presented by the team on the event day before being tested accordingly into certain criteria by the judges.


Energy Resiliency through Innovative Approaches in Designing Platform.

Team Formation

Each team has to be consisted of a team of four (4) or five (5) members, with one being the team leader.

Rules and Regulations

  • Blueprint should be submitted prior to the stated deadlines in the Important Deadlines section.
  • The OGFest’18 committees will not prepare any form of apparatus or materials required to build the model and all delegates are free to use any apparatus to build the model.
  • Each team is required to bear their own cost of delivering the completed model or components from their home country to the event venue.
  • The model must not weigh more than three (3) kilograms.
  • The use of electric circuits and batteries are allowed in the oil rig model.
  • No alteration or changes should be made on the model after the presentation have been done.
  • Each finalist team have to build an oil rig model within the range as shown.

5)Competition Format

After successful registraion, the team will be given a case study for their oil rig model.
The competition is divided into three stages:

a)Blueprint Submission

  • Every team should submit a blueprint that is based on the Blueprint Submittal Instructions Format below along with the registration form. Only the best ten (10) teams will be announced and informed through email to proceed to the next stage.

        Blueprint Submittal Instructions:

  • In PDF format.
  • Blueprint must consist of a minimum of 1000 words of text, excluding the diagrams and supporting illustrations needed to clarify the subject matter. The paper must not exceed 7000 words which includes text and diagrams, with each diagram/illustration is considered to be equivalent of 250 words.
  • The paper must have a front page consisting of the Oil Rig Name, Team Members and University Names.
  • Use Times New Roman, 12, spacing: 1.5, A4 (Left :3 cm, Right, Bottom, Up: 2 cm)
  • The content of Oil Rig blueprint should mention the following criteria and not restricted to only:
    i) Main Dimension
    ii) Drawing of Oil Rig model
    iii) Innovative Features
    iii) A brief explanation about the model’s features
    iv) Economic Analysis of Oil Rig
    v) Capacity of Production
    The completed blueprint should be submitted to the email xx with the subject of your email:
    OGFest18_ORBlueprint_Author’s Name_Name of University


  • All teams are required to bring their completed oil rig model to present on the second day of the event.
  • Slides for presentation should be submitted to the person in charge before event day.
  • Each team is required to present their model with slides with a maximum of fifteen (15) minutes of presentation, followed by assessment of questions from the judges for five (5) minutes.
  • There will be a time keeper assigned to keep track of the time which will start once the contestant is ready.
  • When the bell rings once, it signifies that only five (5) minutes remain for the presentation. Twice to signify the presentation has ended.
  • Marks will be deducted if the presentation exceeds the time allocated.

After presentation, all oil rig models will be subjected to three tests to evaluate the model structure. The tests are described in the Judging Criteria.

  • Buoyancy test

The rig will be loaded on the water of small pool until the participants ask to stop or until the rig is started to drown. Buoyancy test will show us the feasibility of an oil rig design on water condition.

  • Wave Test 

This test will be conducted in towing tank. The tank will generate the wave with a linear wave (same frequency and height). All of the oil rig model will be tested in the same time. The stability of the model in respond to waves will be evaluated by the personnel in charge.

  • Load Test on the ground

The test will be conducted on the ground. The load will be added until team member ask to stop. The weight of the oil rig design will be measured. The smaller ratio of oil rig weight/load withstandability, the higher score will be given.

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Significant and Details of the Model
  • Multimedia Presentation

Important Deadlines
Submission of Blueprint and Registration Form : 15th September 2018
Announcement of Finalists : 22nd September 2018
Email for Submission : delegates@ogfestutm.com

Contact Person:
Muhammad Munajat bin Jefree
Chief Executive of Oil Rig Design Competition