July 9, 2018

Energy Debate


General Description

One of the exciting and attention catching competitions in OGFest’18, Energy Debate is a public debate competition. It is planned in the form of public discourse with formal direct oral competition in argumentation between two teams of three delegates with defined proposition on a specific topic. Energy themed debate competition is opened to debate enthusiasts that exhibit good sound speech composition, thematic coherence, direct communicative public speaking skills, influential skills as well as passion in the industry.


Energy Production, Conventions, Conservation and New Sources.

Team Formation

  • This competition is only limited to eight (8) teams only on first come first serve basis.
  • Each team must consist of three (3) participants, with one in the team being the team leader.

Competition Format

  • The competition bracket will be conducted in knock-out format based on elimination chart with two teams compete against each other.
  • The competition is composed of three stages that are preliminary round, semi-final round and final round.
  • The debate topic for every round of competition would be given to teams with their sides to take fifteen (15) minutes prior to the commencement of their respective debates for strategy planning and tactic discussion, but all the topics will be centered on the theme.
  • Each team member or speaker shall deliver with a minimum of five (5) minutes and a maximum of seven (7) minutes for their speech which will consist of a constructive element and may contain a rebuttal.
  • Each team has three constructive speeches, and two rebuttal speeches. The Proposition gives the first constructive speech, and the rebuttals alternate after first speaker. After that, team leader from the Opposition side gives their reply speech summarizing the points and rebuttals made by their side and the reason as to why they should win the debate, for three (3) to five (5) minutes, followed by the Proposition side doing the same. The Proposition has both the first and last speeches of the debate.
  • The speaking order is as follows:

First Proposition Speaker

First Opposition Speaker

Second Proposition Speaker

Second Opposition Speaker

Third Proposition Speaker

Third Opposition Speaker

Team Leader of Opposition Side

Team Leader of Proposition Side


Rules and Regulations

  • No revision of materials is permitted during the debate.
  • No shifting of sides is allowed after it is fixed during the announcement by tournament officials.
  • In order to establish an assertion, the team must support it with enough evidence and logic to convince judges. Facts presented must be accurate.
  • Visual materials are permissible, and once introduced, they become available for the opponents’ use if desired.
  • While a speaker is speaking, the members of the other team are allowed to interrupt  the speaker and ask questions in the form of Points of Information (POI). The POIs can only be brought up after the first minute of the speaker’s speech and before the seventh minute has started.
  • In the questioning (POI) period, the questioner may ask any fair, clear question that has a direct bearing on the debate. The questioner may use the period to build up any part of his own case, to tear down any part of his opposition’s case, or to ascertain facts, such as the opposition’s position on a certain issue, that can be used later in the debate. The questioner must confine himself to questions and not make statements, comments, or ask rhetorical questions.
  • No new constructive arguments may be introduced in the rebuttal period.
  • The Proposition must reply to the major negative arguments before the last rebuttal.
  • Any points or statements made outside of the established procedure are not permitted.

Important Deadlines

Submission of Registration Form : 15th September 2018

Email for Submission : delegates@ogfestutm.com


For Enquiries Please Contact:

Emad Khalil Thakur

Chief Executive of Energy Debate Competition OGFest’18

Phone: +601123359440

Email: emad_thakur@yahoo.com