July 9, 2018


Competitions General Description

  • REPSOL PetroBrain

PetroBrain competition is the main highlight among all competitions that will be held in OGFest’18. Delegates will be competing against other teams in fast paced time-based quiz competition. Each team will be questioned with technical and non-technical questions related to the oil and gas industry meanwhile putting their knowledge and responses to the test.

  • Oil Rig Design Competition Sponsored by ConocoPhillips

Oil Rig Design Competition by SKMO (Marine Technology Society) in OGFest’18 is a competition whereby participants are challenged to build a model of offshore platform. The competition encourages participants to apply their knowledge in current offshore technology besides blending their creativity to build with innovative features to encounter the challenges in oil and gas exploration and production.

  • Power Plant Design Competition

Power Plant Design Competition by GESS (Gas Engineering Student Society) in OGFest’18 is a competition which challenge the participants to develop a plant design efficiently and economically. This competition provides a platform for the participants to showcase their ability in creating an efficient, economically feasible plant design with latest technological innovation features.

  • Energy Debate Competition

The most exciting and audience attention catching competition in OGFest’18, Energy Debate by Toastmasters Club is a public debate competition between two teams of three participants with defined proposition on a specific energy themed topic. It is opened to debate enthusiasts that exhibit good sound speech composition, thematic coherence, direct communicative public speaking skills, influential skills as well as passion in the industry

  • Paper Competition

Paper Competition in OGFest’18 is a contest that allowed participants to conduct deep research into interesting topic relevant to the energy industry. This competition provides platform designed for the students to present their discoveries, theories and innovative ideas which could greatly benefit and impact Energy Development and Sustainable Energy.

  • Photo Contest Sponsored by ConocoPhillips

OGFest’18 brought you another kind of competition that exhibits participants professionality, passion and perhaps story in the picture. It aims to create awareness of energy industry and sustainable development with photo reflects the essence of energy theme stated. This contest awaits participants to win the exciting prizes with their impeccable photography skill with creative caption.